Trump Has The Election Locked Up

October 18, 2016
 I’m going to do something rough, as the Donald would say. We’ll look at three quotes from important Republicans on election techniques and strategy. Then I’ll ask you to think about this question: do these people act like democrats? 
First: the crowd at a Trump rally roars, “Lock her up, lock her up!”, referring to Hillary Clinton. Trump responds, “Honestly, she should be locked up”.

This prompts two reactions. One, maybe it would sound better in German. Two, Trump is doubling down on his threat to throw his opponent in jail…even though Clinton has not been charged with a crime. Instead, the FBI issued a detailed report saying that she should not be indicted because she did not commit a crime. But apparently legal niceties of that sort don’t bother Trump. 
Second: Roger Stone, one of Trump’s campaign advisors, explains why voters should be worried about a “rigged election” and why it is necessary to have an army of Trump supporters monitor polling stations: 
 “In an election in which Donald Trump has made it pretty clear that the Clintons are going to prison, I think they would do anything to make sure they win it, even steal it”. 
 So now both Clintons will be sent to prison? What about Chelsea…shouldn’t we throw the whole family in jail? She might lead a coup d’etat to spring her parents from the Big House. They’ve been pretty good to her, after all. And maybe Trump is worried that if one of the Clintons is still free and on the loose, some of those incompetent generals might rally to their cause.

Stone’s circular “logic” seems to run like this: if we wins the election, the Clintons will go to jail, because they won’t have a possible defense to any (trumped-up) charges that we bring. (Bye-bye, rule of law.) Knowing this, the Clintons will be desperate and will engage in massive voter fraud. Unless we can stop them, the Clintons will steal the election and thwart the will of the people. 
 Stone has a sordid reputation in politics, as a master of “dirty tricks” and misinformation campaigns. He is ruthless and not “shackled” by any scruples. Stone has usually operated out of the limelight, because his candidates haven’t wanted to publicize his tactics. Yet in the Trump campaign, he is part of the inner circle. That alone is cause for concern. 
 By the way, Trump has insinuated (but not said specifically) that his supporters and monitors should pay particular attention to possible voting fraud in black neighborhoods.

Third: Jeff Roe, who managed Ted Cruz’s Presidential campaign, indicates that he generally approves of the Trump campaign’s tactics: 
 “I would be doing it differently, but not a lot differently. If you believe that turnout is going to drop, you’ve got to get your supporters whipped up. I’m not sure I’d use Paula Jones to do that, but the lock-her-up chants and his [Trump’s} debate performance…it’s not awful strategy (emphasis added). 
 (Paula Jones sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment while he was Governor of Arkansas. Trump invited her, and two other women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual advances, to sit in the front row during the second debate with Hillary Clinton).

So apparently it’s okay to threaten to jail a political opponent, if that’s what it takes to keep the base fired up, as far as Roe is concerned. 
 I have been following national politics closely for fifty years. This is the first time in my life that a Presidential candidate has made such threats. Trump must be repeating the threat because he thinks it’s a winner. Roe’s comments indicate that other Republican strategists may agree.

We’re heading down a dark road.

The Wall Street Democrat