Blurred lines between languages… en route to Code Generation

Experimental project CodeGen - which creates code to multiple languages.. Even-though I have heard from people that once you learn one language it will be easy to learn new ones.. I quiet didn’t get the idea.. But later when Objective-C was superseded by Swift and almost at the same time I decided to not to stick on to just iOS and moved to web. I understood one thing. There are lot of things in common.. But as it was Javascript at first it took me some time to adjust to infinite flexibility of the language. I found it hard to adjust to it. Then I started using Typescript.. Almost at that time I felt there was lot in common not only on concept but also in syntax…

CodeGen was initially started to create React app / Angular 2 native code from Generic Entities/Models… Swiftly the attention moved to Generation of multi language possibilities. May be already wanted to know it.. if its possible.

Work is still in Progress.. But seems like Swift and Typescript are more or less brothers, may be half-brothers…

WIP: Will Update as I explore more…
A Todo List Component from Colin Eberhardt.. as my sample
CodeGen - Typescript - generated file
CodeGen — Swift- generated file
CodeGen — source


Once the basics of Typescript was ready and working, it took only half an hour to include Swift code for it. Seems like the language barriers are blurring….