Speaking at FullStack 2016 on Elm, IoT and Functional Programming

It was a privilege to speak at this year’s FullStack in London on the relevance of FP to web and IoT developers (on the programme as Lessons learnt from Functional Programming with Haskell and Elm)

It was a great opportunity to display some of the benefits of FP for web development (highly-resilient Elm web apps, with fast rendering, and time-travel debugging), and to obtain wider feedback on my own ideas.

I had a fantastic time attending the entire three-day event, which clearly showed the excellent work over several months by the team of organisers. I learnt a huge amount from the other speakers and all the people I met. I hugely enjoyed giving my talk, and received terrifically useful feedback both during and afterwards. A big thank you to everyone who helped me.

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Important supporting resources

  1. The IoT devices on display are powered by my fork of, and contributions to, this marvellous repo. It provides an interactive version of Lisp on the esp8266 chip (in a similar style to the microPython kickstarter project)
  2. The Elm app shows an working puzzle and its solution using d3. The d3 code is based heavily on this excellent article and code by @NadiehBremer

I would be delighted to receive feedback or questions, whether on the talk itself or FP, Elm and programming generally.

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