How to make the Google Trends Visualisation site your screensaver in three steps

So yesterday I was on a Google+ Hangout with the Thinkspace team and I showed them the Google Trends Visualisation site. They were pretty amazed. Within seconds all our screens were lit up with loads of different colours and as Steve Margetts said, it looked as if we were in some kind of 90s disco!

Anyway, if you’ve seen the site ( and you want to make it your screensaver - here’s how:

  1. Download the screensaver file from here and then unzip.
  2. Double-click on WebViewScreenSaver.saver and it should open it up in System Preferences. Now click on “Screen Saver Options…” and add a new URL. That new URL should be “”.
  3. Now preview the screensaver and everything should be working perfectly. You now have the world’s most awesome screensaver!
Adding the URL in System Preferences
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