Laziness driven programming

Being lazy can save the world! Let’s all be lazy! Yaaay!

Hello. Today I was feeling like writing about one great virtue of a good programmer: LAZINESS…at least according to . Yes you read well, I said laziness. Because great programmers are for a lot of them lazy.

Honestly, one reason why I am writing this is because I am tired of people telling me that I am lazy, and thinking that I should change. People thinking that I would achieve much more if I wasn’t lazy. That’s not always true. I actually think that I would be worse at programming if I was the hardworking type.

So how does laziness helps write better code?

Laziness helps write better code because it inspires progress. Programmers create progress by making things that are difficult or impossible possible and easier…so that it takes less effort. Programmers don’t do the same thing three times. The third time, they are likely to write a piece of code to do it.

One coder’s laziness will help another coder. One formidable thing about programming is the abundance of resources online. Boilerplates, frameworks, CMSs, IDEs, plugins, modules, and all kind of interesting snippets of code online that are there to make our lives easier and less tiring. Some of them, like Wordpress, are so convenient to use that they end up being adopted by non-technical people.

There are a lot of other reasons why laziness can help write better code but…well…I am feeling lazy to list them all.

What does it mean for a programmer to be lazy?

Another question. What exactly does it mean to be lazy in the good way for a programmer. Because when I say it is good for programmer to be lazy I don’t mean that we should all not do anything but eat pizza while watching game of thrones.

For programmers, laziness is the will to make the world a better place. It is that motivation to always make things easier, less tiring, more efficient, more simple, more elegant.

Long term laziness is important. Laziness should have sight, it is not only about saving oneself efforts on the short run but to minimize time wasted and efforts put in on a longer run.

This is all I had to say about laziness driven programming. Please this is not an excuse to fool around and not do anything.

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