Last two weeks, Prof Widom visited Ashesi to give a one week class on big data. It was a very insightful class and I feel like I learned a lot. I am coming to share some lessons I have learned from that class and from applying what I learned after the class.

The most important concept learned from that class was obviously the notion of Big Data itself. It is such a buzzword nowadays that a lot of people throw it around even when it is out of context. But what I got is that Big Data is really just…

Being lazy can save the world! Let’s all be lazy! Yaaay!

Hello. Today I was feeling like writing about one great virtue of a good programmer: LAZINESS…at least according to . Yes you read well, I said laziness. Because great programmers are for a lot of them lazy.

Honestly, one reason why I am writing this is because I am tired of people telling me that I am lazy, and thinking that I should change. People thinking that I would achieve much more if I wasn’t lazy. That’s not always true. I actually think that I would be worse at programming if I was the hardworking type.

So how does laziness helps write better code?

Laziness helps write…


student at Ashesi University

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