Do you know whether you’re stuck in the comfort zone?

Do you know where the most dangerous place to be in your life is? Its not in the Serengeti looking a lion smack in the eye or walking across thin ice in the antarctic. Its a place called the COMFORT ZONE. A place many people don’t return from.

Some people are trained their entire life to go and live there. Some people go there by circumstance and social pressure. Most go there because they perceive it to be easier, safer and predictable than where the few are. That’s the real danger of the comfort zone. It’s easier to stay there and for a time it can be predictable but it’s definitely not safer.

You may be smiling and think to yourself “I get your point Jermaine’. I bet with one question I’ll know if you’re still living in the comfort zone or have been there recently.

What one task, person or situation have you needed to deal with recently but have avoided? If you can name something you’re probably in the comfort zone.

For me the comfort zone is the place where you avoid the difficult task and accept your current level of growth, potential, personal responsibility and success even when you know that there is something better outside it.

For key account managers your comfort zone might be the renewal contract you know is coming every quarter or year. Its the paycheck you know you’ll get at the end of the month even if you have a bad month. You may know that there is significantly more you can give and gain from your customer relationships but you’ve tried a few things and they may not have worked out. Unconsciously you may have decided to live in the comfort zone.

As difficult to accept as it can be I can’t take myself out of the group. There are situations and challenges I’ve faced where I’ve lived in the comfort zone and missed out on massive opportunities to grow and succeed. I wont make that choice again even if it means failing forward enough times to learn how to succeed.

The world you’re in as a key account manager wont slow down. It wont get easier, it may even get more complex. You need a different framework of thinking and a refined set of skills to get you better and greater results. It’s for this very reason I started my company to help key account managers make this shift.

Here are three things you can do to help you identify your comfort zone and move into ‘Where the magic happens’ and all the greater results you could attain.

  1. Take notice at the things you avoid doing often, the challenges you often run away from or the decisions you keep putting off. These are all signs you’re moving into or in the Comfort Zone.
  2. Once Identified ask yourself — What is the real thing in getting in the way of me acting on these tasks or decisions? Be aware that this could be a skill, an emotion, a belief or sometimes a person that you may need to speak with.
  3. Take the one that you’ve put off the longest. List the specific things that would need to happen or would need to be true to accomplish it and take action. Don’t put it off any longer. It may not be easy but the result of who you’ll become through it will be worth it.

The comfort zone has a way of lulling us into a sense of false security. Now is the time to act and move into greatness.

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