5 Easy Steps to Become the Ideal You

I want to be a millionaire. I want to be more social. I want to be fit. I want to become a better person. I want to become an expert in my field. I want to be happy.

The dreaded “I wants” makes us feel low and unaccomplished. When we dream and imagine, the ideal seems unreachable.

How do we move forward and start the process in becoming who we want to be?

Complete ownership of your life

You cannot move forward if you blame outside forces for your current life.

You are depressed because of your actions.

Your race, gender, physical appearance, or age is not holding you back. The lack of action is.

I decided not to use my color as a handicap. — Kanye West

To begin self-improvement, you must have a high internal locus of control. The mindset that you are 100% at fault for everything that happens in your life. You are the controller of every action and decision you make.

Without this, we justify inaction by blaming something we cannot control.

Countless times I have said “I would have done this, but…”

Stop yourself at the “but”, and execute regardless.

Become self-aware

Discovery of self happens with self-reflection.

Do you believe you are an expert in your field? Join a competition and see how you perform.

Do you believe you have the millionaire mindset? When was the last time you made a dollar from a business?

If you are so smart, why are you not where you want to be?

Reflect on where you are at this moment. We exaggerate how well we are doing to our friends and to ourselves. The understanding of the truth will make the next step clearer.

Without concrete self-awareness, we cannot make the next move.

Ego and arrogance holds us from doing the actions that will better us because we feel above them. This keeps us stuck in a loop of not making progress.

Learn through experimentation

Listening and observing will not bring us closer to our goals.

Everybody has their own “10 Best Workouts, “8 Tips to Be a Millionaire”, or “5 Easy Steps to Become the Ideal You”.

None of them will work for you. It will only work for the author. They put in the time to understand what worked for them.

Do not waste your time researching on the best way to do something. You will spend so much energy towards inaction, when you could have started.

You cannot learn and look good at the same time. Allow yourself to be an idiot right now, so you can be better in the future.

What can you do today to bring you closer to your goal? Try to make a dollar from a new business idea. Try to chat up a random stranger. Try to go a day without coffee. Do one work out at the gym.

Reward yourself effectively

You do not need a cheat day, you have been cheating your whole life.

Rewarding yourself can help encourage positive behaviors.

Most do this wrong.

What most do:

  1. Complete a portion of a task. “Milestones”
  2. Reward (nap, food, drugs, Netflix, social media, “break”)
  3. Recover to start again

The ideal:

  1. Complete task in its entirety
  2. Reward
  3. No recovery because the task is finished. Move onto the next.

Closing this positive feedback loop will make you work efficiently. We waste time in recovery because we believe we deserve it.

In reality, it is our inability to push forward. Finish the task, save time, now you are trained for the next task.

Make clear and actionable goals

Let’s break down one goal many people have: “I want to be better financially”

  1. You are 100% at fault for your current financial state. You have to make better decisions in spending.
  2. Experiment with spending. Would shopping at different stores bring down your expenses without being a hassle? Are there very basic actions that can have a major affect? Spend a day testing different stores.
  3. Create a spreadsheet or use a finance app like Mint. Become self-aware of your spending and cash flow. Understand the exact dollar amount.
  4. What can you do today? Start applying to better jobs. Eat out less. Create budgets.
  5. After a successful couple of months of managing your money, treat yourself to new pair of shoes or a nice dinner.

This is a positive feedback loop that you can use for any goal. Quantifying your goals gives you the ability to take action.

I am building an app to solve this problem. Vestige will provide you analytics for your goals. It will quantify your progress, so you have a clear image towards it.

You can sign up by following this link: http://vestige.io.

Let’s continue to upgrade our lives together!

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