Are Medical Alert System companies finished?

We’ve come a long way since the system on the right, introduced in the early 1980s.

Did you see Apple’s big announcement yesterday? Based on the number of phone calls I’ve received, it appears a lot of people have read about their new watch product which is the first to ever offer “Fall Detection.”

“What does this mean for your business??” “So, your whole industry is kaput, right?”

These are just a couple of the questions I got. Sounds like I had a great day, right?

Well, actually, Apple’s announcement came as neither a surprise to me, nor a disappointment. Dare I say it’s an opportunity? …

I had the pleasure of interviewing Adam Sabloff, founder and CEO of VirtualHealth. Adam established VirtualHealth in 2012, based upon a concept he first envisioned more than 10 years ago to fix a broken healthcare system. He has led VirtualHealth down a path of incredible growth, including a 1,600 percent increase in monthly revenues, 1,000 percent growth in lives managed and 10-fold growth in staffing since January 2016. During this same period, VirtualHealth secured multiple rounds of funding, the latest being $7 million led by Edison Partners in 2017.

You started off in the hospitality industry and now you work…

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dor Skuler, the CEO and Co-Founder of Intuition Robotics. Dor’s company and his product, ElliQ, have been distinguished by several organizations including Fast Company’s Most Innovative Design Awards, AARP’s Innovation Champion Awards, CES’ 2018 Best of Innovation Awards for Smart Home, and SXSW’s Interactive Innovation Awards. Dor was also selected to Global Telecom Business’ “40 under 40” list in 2009, 2011 and 2013.

How did you get started in the world of senior care? I started in the Intelligence Corps in the Israel Defense Force Unit 8200 before creating my first company, Zing Interactive…

After watching a family member end up in the hospital “multiple times” because they weren’t taking their medication properly, Spencer Waugh was inspired to create a better medication delivery system. The Ace Age CEO created Karie, a device to help people take the right medication at the right time.

“Medication non-adherence is a serious issue causing poor health outcomes for patients and costing governments billions every year,” Waugh explained. “This is a common problem for seniors who are tasked with medicating themselves at home.”

How will technology help seniors live independently at home for longer?

Telemedicine is extremely promising when it comes to technologies that will aid seniors in living independently…

Long before Christopher Palmieri became President and CEO of Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA), he found himself surrounded by caregivers.

“Caring for people is in my blood,” Palmieri told me. “Many of my siblings work in nursing home administration, my uncle owns a nursing home and my mother is a nurse.”

But it wasn’t until college that he became “fascinated with the business side of healthcare.”

“I fell in love with this population and learned the art of how to leverage insurance to help keep people home and healthy,” he explained.

Since entering into the world of senior care, what changes…

Dr. Tabassum Majid is the Executive Director of Integrace Institute at Copper Ridge.

Dr. Tabassum Majid’s journey to the world of health care began when she was tasked with taking care of her grandparents at various points when she was a teenager. After earning a P.H.d at Baylor College of Medicine, she returned to the University of Maryland where she researched care management decisions for caregivers and individuals with dementia. It was then that she decided she wanted to find a way to “impact lives” instead of “looking for solutions that would be implemented years from now.”

What led you to the world of senior care? The opportunity at the Integrace Institute really…

Grant Geiger is Grant Geiger is CEO and Founder of EIR Innovation.

Patrick Fenningham was taught from a young age to respect his elders. When his grandfather was diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, he decided to make a career out of changing senior care. He earned a degree in Biomedical Engineering and set out to work in the industry but it wasn’t until he met Grant Geiger that the pair tapped into their entrepreneurial side and started a company that’s seeking to change the quality of hospital care.

Geiger, who grew up in the United States and Europe, also had a strong interest in the evolving senior care industry. His interest was peaked…

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