The Case Against the Electoral College Electing Donald Trump

  • He picked a feud with gold star parents.
  • He mocked a disabled reporter.
  • He called Mexicans rapists.
  • He called for travel bans for members of the Islamic faith.
  • He advocated war crimes, such as going after the families of terrorists and torturing suspected terrorists.
  • He implied that second amendment advocates could assassinate Secretary Clinton.
  • He called for imprisoning Secretary Clinton.
  • He hired a white supremacist as his chief strategist.
  • He hired two hate group associates, Kris Kobach and Ken Blackwell, for his transition team.
  • He claims to not need daily intelligence briefings.
  • His response to CIA reports of Russian hacking was to defend Russia and to attack the CIA.




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John Brayton

John Brayton

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