GA UX Grads Need To Stop Passing Off Class Projects As Real Work
Denis Lesak

I have been teaching the UX Design Immersive program at General Assembly since Fall, 2014, and I’m incredibly proud of the work our students have done and the success they enjoy professionally after graduation. My colleagues and I continuously talk and work with hiring managers at tech firms and agencies to ensure that our students present their work professionally and are cognizant of industry best practices. In particular, the client projects that our students work on during the UXDI course are critical for giving our students real professional experience with real clients. Since some of our students come to us with little prior design experience, getting professional experience and career support during our intensive program is critical to their future success. Hiring managers report that they are impressed with our students’ strong balance of both technical abilities and soft skills. Our alums work at great companies such as Google, Apple, Huge, Philosophie, CBS Interactive, Belkin, and many others, a testament to their outstanding work and professionalism.

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