How to find total gas your Ethereum account has used in 2 minutes.

ETH is currently on sale for the holidays, with the price being under $100 at the time of writing this. This got me wondering, how much gas I have used total in my nearly 1 year of Ethereum development. If I but 1 ETH now how much in development and use will I get out of my $100? It’s pretty easy to figure out. If you’re just getting started with Ethereum, gas is the stuff you pay to make transactions get processed.

On Mainnet I have made 77 transactions, including several contract deployments. Here’s how to calculate the total gas used in those transactions.

1. Go to Etherscan and search for your account

2. Download a CSV of all your transactions

There’s a button in the bottom right on Etherscan.

3. Import CSV into google sheets or excel or similar

Is there a decentralized version of this yet? I use google sheets. Just drag the csv into Drive and open with sheets.

4. Sum the columns

Just add =sum(k2:k77) to a cell to add all the numbers in the k row. Easy.

It looks like my total use of gas has been 0.055 ETH over a year, or about $5 at current prices. This is a lot more than it would have cost me to send me to send 77 database changes with something like AWS Lambda. But a lot less than it would cost me to send the amount of value I have sent through Ethereum than if I used credit cards.

What other interesting information can you find from a list of transactions? Let me know!