Media analysis reflection

Over the course of this last semester, Media analysis has taught and informed me of many important factors that go into the media industry. Of everything we have learned about throughout the semester what stood out to me the most was the demographic unit and the advertising unit. I think the Demographic unit is vital in showing people that the media enforces stereotypes of African Americans, Homosexuals, White upper class women, and many other groups. I think it’s very important to make younger people aware of the stereotypes and bias the media enforces on people, so that we as a generation can look past these stereotypes and look at people for who they are as a person and not based on society’s standards. I also really enjoyed this unit becuase it was fun to watch tv episodes and analyze how the media depicts certain demographics. I also have been loving the ad unit, I find it very interesting and fun to go into depth on ads and look at the emotional appeals they were trying to use and all the visual strategies. I’ve been noticing that since we’ve began this unit I have been looking more at ads and paying better attention to all the tiny details that go into making a good ad. I never knew or even could imagine how much time was actually spent into trying to make a decent ad until we started our ad unit project. I definitely enjoyed the demographic and Ad unit the best because they were the most interesting and to me the most informational. I wish we could have spent more time looking at actual ad commercials themselves and not just print ads. I think it would make this unit more fun and even more informational. I also think it would be fun if for the project for next year you could have the students make both a print ad and an actual commercial for a Ad. I think the students would benefit greatly from this and it would be a fun way to show all the information they learned. My least favorite unit was probably the news and information unit. I felt that some of the information we learned was helpful and made me aware of bias in the media but I felt it dragged on and on. I think that unit should be shorter and you should increase the length of the demographic and ad units.

When we were given the choice last year to pick English electives for senior year I heard that Media analysis was a easy and blow off class. I also wasn’t sure which to choose so my friends persuaded me into choosing it. Boy was everyone wrong. Media analysis is definitely not a blow off class, you learn many interesting topics and have lots of work to go along with it. The different units we learn all play a key role in learning how the media can be very beneficial but also harmful. While the class itself definitely wasn’t super hard I thought it was challenging at times and taught me things that I now use when I go onto social media. I think other schools should adopt this course to show just how influential the media is. With so many teens on social media I think it would be even more beneficial for this class to be mandatory so younger kids can learn to be careful about what you see or hear.

Overall, I really enjoyed Media analysis and thought it helped me to become a better media consumer. I thought it was fun and intriguing and wish it could be a year long course.

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