Teen girls found dead after hiking ABC V.S Fox news

On February 14th, 2017 the dead bodies of two teenage girls, Liberty German and Abigail Williams, were found dead after they went missing on a hike sometime Monday. In both of the articles I read this was their lead and provided information on the two missing girls. Both the Fox article http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/02/15/bodies-found-in-indiana-are-those-missing-girls-police-say.html and ABC article,

http://abcnews.go.com/US/teen-girls-found-dead-hike-indiana-investigated-double/story?id=45519345, had many similarities yet they each used different image selections, diction, leads, and a little stacking. Overall, both articles did have some bias but I felt that the Fox news article seemed to be more biased than the ABC article.

In the ABC article, readers saw that two girls, Liberty German and Abigail Williams, were found dead Tuesday sometime after hiking in Indiana. The lead of the article states that “The bodies of two teenage girls who went missing while hiking in Indiana were found Tuesday, and their deaths, which shook their community, are now being investigated as a homicides, according to police”.The lead of this article makes it apparent that two teenage girls were found dead sometime Tuesday and they were murdered. It also states that it “shook” their community which is something you would normally hear when someone is found dead. The image selection ABC chose was not a image but rather a video. All you see for a image is a man and there is no explanation as to who the man is, for all the viewer knows it could be the man who killed the girls. I found this to be quite odd but also could infer it may be a police man or a investigator. The rest of the article goes on to talk about how they do not have any suspects yet and are still investigating. Riley, the same state police officer said “I feel safe for this community”. And later added people should remain “alert and watchful”. I found this to be quite normal and not very surprising. After a murder police authorities usually tell people to be on the outlook and more careful than normal. The way this article is stacked at the end leaves on a more positive note and is just explaining that people need to more cautious but the community is safe.

In the Fox news article, readers can take away two teenage girls were found dead near a creak after they went hiking. The lead of the article states “Indiana authorities confirmed Wednesday that the two bodies found near a creek are teenagers who disappeared earlier in the week, and their deaths are being investigated as homicides”.Right off the bat the article fails to mention who the teenagers were that were killed and that could be misleading to readers. It also was discovered on Wednesday which a whole day later than the ABC article. This means it could be a different set of teenagers even though it is not. The image selection Fox choose was a picture of the two girls yet still did not mention any names until the second paragraph which is quite odd because usually news sources would put little captions right under the picture. They also included a little further down into the article a photo of a man who was walking on the same trail at the same time the two girls were walking. Adding this piece into the article hints that this man could be a suspect with their murder or know something about it. Later on in the article a resident, Richard Gardner, stated “I’ve lived around this town for 50-plus years and things like this are happening every day in bigger cities, like Chicago and Indianapolis and what not,”. Including this piece of information in the article is very biased by itself. Its basically saying no crime happens in smaller towns or cities only big towns were gangs or more blacks are located. I feel that by reading this people will conceive opinions that bigger cities and towns have more violence and are “bad”. After this quote by the resident it then goes on to show a picture of a crime rate chart for Indiana. The way this article is stacked at the end favors a more negative note and is explaining to people this stuff shouldn’t be happening in a small town and when it does people go crazy.

In conclusion, readers can see that both articles display bias but the Fox article shows more bias. While both articles focused solely on the same event the ABC news article was much more practical meaning that it gives information on the event and has quotes from authorities telling people to be more alert. The Fox news article does give information on the event but also chooses to include information on crime rates and leaves on a negative note. Media, weather it be the newspaper, internet, or radio can all display bias in the slightest bit of ways and it is important to recognize this. As seen in this article just adding certain facts or how a news organization chooses to stack a article can leave the viewer with a different message.

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