Christmas Tree

We officially have our Christmas tree.

It’s not been set up yet, but we have it. It’s holding steady in our garage at the moment. We’re waiting for it to dry just a little to reduce the changes of pollen aggravating our allergies.

It was my first time cutting down a tree from a farm, and only my third or fourth live Christmas tree. I grew up with a metal and plastic one that was honestly kinda fun to put together each year. I had my first live one with my wife when we first moved in together.

The u-cut experience was pretty classic for the Pacific Northwest: rainy with a noticeable nip in the air. Clad in rain gear from head to toe, we walked through mud and wet grass looking for the perfect one at a farm 30 minutes from our house. We found what was probably going to the perfect one pretty early on, but continued the search just in case.

We decided on one just more than 7 feet tall, with the slightest of kinks in the trunk. Many were a little browner than we were looking for, likely due to the hot summer and late summer we had this year.

Now it sits, waiting to be made a symbol of all that’s right and good for this season. It will be the first one in our new house, a high honor for sure. I’m so excited to see it decked out.