New Toilet Seats

My wife and I knew we needed to switch them out almost as soon as we moved in.

The toilet seats included in the three bathrooms of our new house simply weren’t up to snuff. They had plastic lids that bowed in slightly when you sat down. Snobby sounding, I know. But let me explain.

When not using them for their main purpose, the toilets in the homes I’ve lived in have always doubled as stools. I’ve always sat on them, lids down, to trim my fingernails, clean a bit and various other things. I’ve grown up with solid wood lids lacquered in clean white paint. I didn’t know different sorts of lids existed, honestly.

So it was a bit of a surprise to sit myself down on the toilets in our new house and…sink a little. The flimsy plastic lids were quite thin and felt in danger of breaking every time I sat down on one of them. I eventually resorted to sitting down on them with the lids up, with my behind resting unsupported on the main load-bearing part of the toilet seat.

That’s changing today, though, with the installation of solid wood toilet seats in all our bathrooms. I’m already happy with them, though a seemingly slight and insignificant change. Plus, getting a chore like that done in the house you own is always satisfying.