New Year’s Stuff

Should I try to write something meaningful and thought-provoking for my last 100 words post of 2017?

Should I wax poetic or philosophical on the happenings of the last year, trying to make sense of them all?

I sit here next to my wife contemplating all this. I sit on my couch in our TV room, after having just enjoyed the 2017 year-end version of a British quiz panel show we love. I sit as our dog busies herself with her rope. A toy she has made into a chew toy, despite our mild protestations.

I sit here and I think: How lucky I am to have all this. I am so fortunate to be able to have dog, and a house; all things that happened this year. All things that made this year memorable.

So no. Nothing grand and thought-provoking for my last post of 2017. Just a simple statement of thanks. A simple 100-plus words to remind myself how much this year brought that I should be, and am, thankful for. I can’t wait to see what next year will bring.

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