Out of Onions

After eight years, it finally happened.

My wife and I were just getting up on a lazy Sunday morning. I had a breakfast plan in mind: a simple scrambled egg dish using some left over sausage, tomatoes and peppers. I also wanted to through in some onions, because what dish is complete without this magical kitchen staple?

Drawers slide open and closed as I gathered all the necessary tools and ingredients to start breakfast. I opened the refriderator drawer where the onion typically live. Only one problem: No onions.

This had never happened before. My wife and I use onions so often in cooking that buy them every other time or so we go to the store. So, we usually never run out of onions.

Until now. Breakfast turned out pretty good, lack of onions not withstanding. We definitely missed their presence. On our trip to the store later that day, we made sure to buy some. Never again, as far as we can help it, will we run out of onions.

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