Some Days Your Head Just Isn’t In It

I feel ya, buddy. Source

I tried to breath on my glass-cleaning cloth and then clean my glasses.

I entered my password incorrectly enough times to lock me out of my work computer and force a trip down to see IT.

I almost filled my water bottle up with boiling water from the insta-hot water dispenser in our office kitchen at work.

Some days your head just isn’t in it.

I really can’t explain why, sometimes, my brain just doesn’t show up completely. Is it the weather? Is it extenuating circumstances in my life? Is it a combination of both, and some third, fourth, and fifth factors?

Who knows, certainly not me.

But that’s OK. It’s not necessarily about the individual days of your life. It’s about stepping back and trying to see the larger picture.

Am I, in general, moving in the right direction? If so, then a few off days don’t really matter.