A short, simple entry to end today.

I spent it with family enjoying the traditional joys of Thanksgiving, mixed with some dog wrangling and split-second cooking decisions. I thought I’d spend my 100 words today listing things I’m most thankful for. Here goes.

Wonderful relationships with both sets of parents: biological and in laws.

Enough time and money to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with those I love.

A generally well-behaves dog who, most of the time, sits and stays when asked.

A life where I can comfortably take time out of my day to write silly things in 100 words or more.

Most of all: my loving, beautiful, smart, funny, compassionate wife. I look around at my group of friends and see troubles of all kinds when it comes to dating and relationships. I have none of that. I don’t know how I lucked into what I have. But I can only hope its in the cards for it to stick around. I am so fortunate.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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