Why I Like the Eye Doctor

Open your eyes and say, “Ahh.” Source

I made an appointment with my eye doctor the other day. The eye doctor has always been my favorite appointment to make.

From the first time my mom took me as a youngster, I never felt the fear or apprehension that accompanied the dentist, for example. A trip to the dentist is at best going to be uncomfortable and at worst going to result in bleeding gums and a stern talking to for not brushing and flossing enough.

Not so with the eye doctor. I realized over the years why this was significant to me. Put simply, anything wrong with my eyes wasn’t going to be my fault. I need glasses, and perhaps I could have gotten them sooner in life. But there was nothing I did to need them. I was simply born that way. Whatever the eye exam might show, it likely wasn’t going to be due to any action or inaction of mine.

You can always brush your teeth better. You can always eat more healthily. But unless you regularly stare at the sun, there’s not much you can do to impact your vision.

Plus, I always thought all the eye doctor equipment was fascinating. How cool is the multi-lens apparatus they use to test how your vision has changed (the “Better one, better two?” thing)?

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