Writing, Writing, Writing!

My work life has been pretty writing-heavy recently.

Heavy as in I've easily surpassed my 100 words per day today and yesterday just with work assignments. But, as I've written about before, I don't count words written at work.

Just the same, though, I am encountering a time crunch trying to fit in my personal 100 words per day. But, that really doesn't matter. Time crunch or not, I've made a commitment to myself and anyone else who has chosen to follow my ramblings for the last 76 days.

Ramblings that have included a fair amount of me writing about writing, and about how sometimes you just have to get 100 words down. No waxing poetic, and sometimes pretentious, about birds or other topics. Just writing for writing's sake, writing to get down what I have in my head right at the moment.

There’re 144 words or so right there. Moving on!

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