The Utter Exhaustion of the Reasonable American

Well thank you so much, Abbie, for the burden you carry for America… we should get you an award or at least a Starbucks gift card.

I only speak for myself because I don’t believe there is just one ‘faction’ of the disenfranchised in this country. You speak of politics as being different than high school and the problem is it’s really the same damn thing. Look at this mess… you’ve got a racist and, well, her; two of the most unfavorable candidates in the history of this country.

This election has been a disaster since day one. We, the people, in order to form a more perfect union, were lied to, manipulated, and flat out cheated out of our democratic process. These candidates weren’t elected, they were selected through the actions of the puppet masters who tried to control this election and the fallout of subsequent reactions of angry citizens.

Now that the damage has been done, you want me to rally around the lesser evil to protect the world? I think not. The fact is this country is doomed and the current candidates for president of this shit-show are bad and worse. The only question is, will we hit bottom slow or fast.

The Clinton fiefdom, like the Bushes before them, have found a way around term limits (and the Obama’s will soon follow suit). Term limits are in place to protect the people from the rule of one political viewpoint (aka a dictatorship).

I will not be voting for either candidate because I fundamentally believe they are both bad for this country. I can’t speak for others who share my pain, but I can say that your manipulation techniques of belittling and shaming people into voting for your candidate is the exact reason ‘the other white meat’ is standing where he is.

So my advice to you and the other whiners who aren’t getting their way is to shut up, vote your conscience, and hope for the best cause that’s what I’m gonna do.

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