Revised Post 1- No Salute for Trump

One of the biggest topics in the United States today is: Will Donald Trump be the next president? To some, Trump sounds as though he will be the next greatest thing to happen to the United States, but many others in the country just feel sick to their stomach thinking about this man becoming our Commander in Chief. This situation of Trump trying to be in office will directly affect every single person living in the United States, but it does not just stop on our land. This man’s wrath as president will be felt all over the globe. Trump says he is not a racist, but with his choice of words, I do not believe him. I have never cared about voting and voicing my opinion, but Trump has lead me to want to do both. There is already enough racism in the United States today. We do not need a racist president.

Why am I interested in this topic?

What happens when our country’s leader believes their people are better than others? World War II happens. But more specifically, Nazi Germany happens, and unfortunately everyone knows how that played out. Trump’s supporters play it off like that will not happen. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe it will happen either, but I can see a very low-scale version of that taking place in the land of the free. Even Mr. Pena Nieto, Mexico’s President, agrees with me . Nieto said, “Mr. Trump did not understand the Mexican people, and that he was capitalizing on the struggles that people are facing after the economic downturn.” He also said, “That’s the way Mussolini arrived and the way Hitler arrived.” The United States went to war to fight leaders like Mussolini and Hitler. Now, we are thinking about electing someone with similar qualities. Even lawmakers in the United Kingdom debated on banning Trump from their country’s grounds. He has not been elected as the Republican candidate and countries already want to ban him from traveling. What is going to happen if he is elected?

Is He Racist?

If you do not already know, Donald Trump does not like Mexicans, or at least he makes it seem that way. He wants to build a $10 billion wall separating Mexico from the United States and makes references to it by saying, “The wall just got ten feet taller” when a former Mexican president said Mexico would never pay for the wall. Trump’s racism doesn’t stop there. It reaches to Muslims, Syrians, and the Chinese. Trump wants a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States. Muslims wouldn’t be able to even visit as tourists. If this is just a start, what would eventually happen to the Muslims already living in the United States? For Syrians Trump says, “The United States should not accept any refugees from their civil war; this could be one of their Trojan horses.” Does he think everyone is potentially a terrorist, or is he scared of foreigners? From how he is acting, this could potentially lead to more terrorist acts. Lastly with China, Trump does not believe they are terrorists but, “China is our enemy; they’re bilking us for billions.” He also said, “What else do you call people who are destroying your children’s and grandchildren’s future?” China might just be making dirty moves to get ahead, but at the same time precautions can be made instead of saying, you’re getting tough and stop them from screwing us.

Trump’s continuing racist remarks will be carried along with him during his campaign and the rest of his life. We do not need a president that will have the word “racist” attached to his name, and I will say that I am going to vote against Mr. Trump.

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