Love and Gratitude

We share different types of energy all day long, depending on where we are and who we are with. We are always projecting our own special mixture of energy out into the world. Telling a few stories, setting a few boundaries, making a few things known to those we interact with. We affect those around us, as those around us also project their own type of energy in all directions. Gut feelings, chemistry, empathy, intuition. All words describing the same thing.

The energy we share with one another.

Different types of energy have different effects on our surroundings. Negative energy tends to repel other people. It also has a small radius of influence. Positive energy not only attracts other people, it also has a much wider radius of influence. There can be a table full of people with one of them quietly eating among all the other conversations and interactions. Barely noticeable. But if there is a person who is happy, friendly, outgoing, uses people’s names, smiles, etc. People relax, have fun, and others seem to notice. Once the whole table is engaged together on a story, other tables will begin to notice. It spreads.

Love is the highest form of energy you can share with other people. And you can share it with anyone, in any way. To any degree. We are not limited in who, when, how much, etc. that we choose to offer love.

Gratitude has an unexpected Return On Investment (ROI). When you look at the whole day with grateful eyes, appreciate every little thing you take for granted in your life, throughout a single day, it can change your life. If you genuinely practice gratitude once in awhile, it will become easier and more natural. You will find reasons to be thankful. It will affect everyone around you, positively. This will affect you positively. Almost like it backfires in the greatest ways.

I think that we don’t have different amounts of love to give, I think that love is infinite, and the more we give, the more that will flow through us. This will heal us, and make us happier and healthier.

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