Two Minutes to Vienna, Darling

Washington, DC Metro (photos by jscrawford)

Two Minutes to Vienna, Darling
(An April snapshot: the DC Metro)

A voice whispers “I can’t believe…”
We rock the curve, the curve over before we bounce left then right,
shooting dark tunnels rattled in sound.

Metro faces: swimming eyes, fish pondering our own visages,
tiny mirrored choreographies with so many possibilities in this forward motion.

An oilskin bag slouches on the ancient rag of carpet,
we hang in the windows’ slant.
Sky blue, burgundy benches cup our haunches,
steady our nodding, maybe taste a fast dream or two.
Razor light prayer books teeter ’neath bowed heads — 
draining spirit and soul as they feed neurons and holes.

“I’m mystified and sad” someone of thirty-seven years grimaces.
An April Post folds over to the Nats’ “one-two punch” victory.

Then we rise, we slice the thick evening,
tracks gush lilac, vermilion, humid green leaves and grass.

Are those purple leaf plum or lilac trees? I will never know.

Down the steel box a voice sing-songs “two minutes to Vienna, darling” 
and again, the whisper “I can’t believe” as the next stop punctuates the glow.

jscrawford is thankful for his family, a dog, words, and those luminous fragments of light and shadow we call photographs. You can see more here:
jscrawfordphotography Or here:

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