Killer Rhetoric.

I’m starting this off with a statement.

When you spread a rhetoric filled with hatred, ignorance and lies, it gives people permission become violent against those you preach against. Not only that it gives those who aren’t involved permission to excuse the actions of the violent attackers.

Planned Parenthood and women’s health has been under vicious attack for years. Most recently they’ve spread a video, that was not only edited to be misleading in a visual way, but the contents and captions in the video were not what was going on in reality. Because the rhetoric preached in these videos, behind a politician’s desk and platform, many people around the country have lost access to health care.

Just this week, one day after Thanksgiving, a man shot nine and killed five people, including cops, at a Planned Parenthood.

He quoted the exact words that have been said by politicians during campaigns and debates as his motive behind his attack.

The Republican candidates said nothing as a response until the next day.

Three people died.

Fourteen candidates are running to be the next President of The United States in 2016 and only one candidate has said anything.

As of right now only one person has had a single response about a domestic terrorist attack that happened from a man using the exact words several of them have said.

Even then, Ted Cruz didn’t denounce his anti-Planned Parenthood comments and beliefs or state that it was a domestic terrorist attack.

Their party’s deceptive actions and legislation has lead to this.

It was a political terrorist attack. One they created because they mislead and lied to millions of people across the country and passed legislation to put these people and their lives at risk.

We have to stop this.

I’ve spoken up for Planned Parenthood for the sake of spreading health care and educating the public so they can be safe and aware of their bodies. But I should’ve said more. I should’ve said how I’m glad they give people the choices, information and care when it comes to pregnancy.

We have to do more.

It’s more than just standing up for Planned Parenthood. It’s calling out the dangerous and deceptive lies that are being spread to millions of people. It’s the lobbying and voting for people that are behind preventive and general health care for millions of women in America.

Learn today about the numerous ways you can get involved and support the work of Planned Parenthood.

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