Meta-Learning, Tim Ferriss and 80/20 Education — An Accelerated Learning Newsletter.

I suppose many reading this will already be acquainted with the idea of Meta-learning. Put concisely, Meta-learning is about developing better ways of learning — learning how to learn, that is. It pretty much follows directly from its definition that It’s a topic relevant to pretty much everybody and certainly to everybody ambitious. Famous Charlie Munger for instance remarked that he was lucky to have acquired the “method of learning” early in life for it has served him well. Another well-known person, who seems very concerned, if not obsessed with Meta-Learning is author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss. In fact, one of Tim’s latest books — “The 4 Hours Chef” is not actually a book just about cooking, as the title would indicate, but about learning how to learn — Meta-learning. Specifically, in the book, Tim explains his own learning system called D.S.S.S, which he himself has used to acquire a range of skills over the years, including languages, like Japanese and German, motor skills, like Basketball and Jujitsu and mental skills, like memorization and speed reading. D.S.S.S. is the acronym that describes his process. D is for “Deconstruction”, which essentially means to figure out the “sub-skills” that together make up the overarching skill. Posture for instance is a “sub-skill” of running. S is for “Selection”, which refers to choosing those “sub-kills” that carry the greatest weight, like learning the 300 most common words of a language first for instance. The second S is for “Sequencing”, which basically means to be smart about where to start and in what order to proceed. And the last S stands for “Stakes”, which is all about implementing incentives to keep you on track, like starting a betting pool with a friend for example. That (plus CaFE — Compression, Frequency and Encoding — which is a supplemental process to D.S.S.S.) is Tim’s system for learning. Tried and tested.

Now, being somewhat obsessive about this sort of thing myself. My good friend Oleg Giberstein and I have decided to address one pain point within the process of accelerated learning that we ourselves encountered. Namely, we found that in many cases there was too much research and figuring out required that needed to be done, before you could start the “actual learning”. For instance, imagine trying to apply Tim’s D.S.S.S. method to, let’s say — using Facebook Ads for your business. Before you could get to the actual doing and learning part, you’d have to do a good bit of roaming the Web, reading, understanding and analyzing different and sometimes rather tedious information sources and so forth. So, that’s why we’ve decided to make a weekly Newsletter that will basically publish a concise D.S.S.S learning guide for one entrepreneurial skills each and every week — every Sunday to be precise. The ones that we will publish next are “Gathering and using User feedback” (next Sunday 10.9), “HTML for Entrepreneurs” (17.9) and “FB ads for Market Testing and Sales” (24.9). In a nutshell, the idea is “Weekly accelerated learning guides for entrepreneurial skills that are actually useful brought to you on a platter”. We hope it proves useful, if not insanely useful, to you. If you like, you can easily start to take part on our page: Enjoy!

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