What do you procrastinate with?

I just noticed that what you procrastinate with maybe a very good indicator of what you really like to do. I once observed this on myself. I was supposed to do some front-end development, just writing boring CSS, but instead I stumbled upon an online course that was teaching one about security systems by breaking into them (hacking). I started off doing the first part of the course, then the second part etc. Before I knew it, the day was over, I had done none of the front-end stuff, but I had done the entire hacking course. Which is, I then noticed, something that other people have to consciously set out to do. Similarly my girlfriend just spent her entire day tinkering about with photos (editing etc.) and exploring different social media, rather than revising for upcoming exams. It seems to me that what you procrastinate with is a very good indicator of what you really like to do. When you procrastinate your conscious mind tries to push you towards what you are supposed to do, but fails at doing so. Which means that what you do instead — what you procrastinate with — is not determined by your concious, decision-making mind, but by some other force. One of my favorite Nassim Taleb quotes is: “procrastination is the soul rebelling against entrapment”. I think doing what you procrastinate with is the exact opposite, it’s your soul having fun. In fact, what you procrastinate with is the precise logical opposite of procrastinating. If procrastinating means avoiding what you are supposed to do, doing something although you aren’t supposed to do it is the actual opposite. That’s funny, because one would think that not procrastinating (doing what you’re supposed to) is the opposite of procrastinating, but it is not. A few minutes ago whilst writing this, I had to smirk as I noticed that right now I am actually supposed to update my CV, but guess what I’m doing! So, what do you procrastinate with?

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