A New Brand for Tanzania | Pt 2/2

From safaris to diving in crystal clear waters, Tanzania has it all. I have created a brand that highlights the country’s rich history and unparalleled natural beauty in a modern way. This post explores the brand.

Part 1 of this post, talked about my vision of what the logo for the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) could be. I touched upon the importance of having a reliable brand and how having one will evoke pleasant feelings from potential travelers to the country.

I also explained my rationale and approach when deciding to re-brand TTB, starting with the logo. Now, before creating a logo, you must start thinking about the brand as a whole and some might say I should have started this two part article with the brand. But, I wanted you to relate to the simplicity and straightforwardness of the logo as compared to the original or even some other analogous logos.

Photos taken from VscoTanzania

All imagery will be entirely generated by the public, photos that capture Tanzania’s splendor, will have to adhere to a visual style and be of an appropriate subject.

The brand is rooted in being genuine, fresh and honest. So what better way than to have imagery which isn’t simulated. Plus, it will generate excitement among tourists and locals alike, who doesn’t want they holiday snap featured. After all we all post photos to Instagram, in the bucket loads daily.

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