An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Real go-getter here. Publicly shame the company she works for because the salary she agreed upon no longer satisfies her. I’ve been in a dead-end low-paying job before. It’s a lot better use or your time to look for a new job than write a novel about the poor financial situation YOU put yourself in. I could be wrong, but no one held a gun to your head and forced you to accept your salary or told you to get a one-bedroom apartment in the most expensive city in the country. That’s all on you sweetheart. Asking for handouts is even more appalling when you consider you wouldn’t be in the situation at all if you hadn’t written this open letter in the first place. It saddens me, as a fellow Millennial, to see the lack of accountability you show. Get another job on the side like I’ve done when faced with low wages at work. You have options, so use them! Don’t sit around though and hide behind your fancy computer screen. Use the computer screen for good and look for a job!

Sincerely with no pity whatsoever,


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