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This past week on Twitter, I hosted @EdsofEarth, a rotation curation account for editorial professionals and students. Through this account, professional editors host weekly chats about their editing experiences to highlight the diversity of their work, what they do, and where they live. When the account manager Robin Marwick posted an open call for hosts, I thought why not and decided to give it a try.

The #TecEoE chat

I had never hosted a Twitter chat before, but I’m always open to learning and trying something new as it relates to my profession. The time was right. I’d had a long, successful career…

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When you write, whatever it is — a book, short story, academic paper, article, presentation, or blog post — you want it to look and sound its best. This statement holds true whether you are writing for academia, education, business, a nonprofit, or love of the art itself. Whether you are a professional writer or required to write as part of your studies or job, you need an editor. An editor, as the first reader of your writing, lends a critical eye to your work and analyzes it from an objective perspective. …


Content editor, writer, & strategist for business, technology, and nonfiction at j.servais | WordCrafter,

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