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The Leap from Corporate Technical Editor to Freelance

This past week on Twitter, I hosted @EdsofEarth, a rotation curation account for editorial professionals and students. Through this account, professional editors host weekly chats about their editing experiences to highlight the diversity of their work, what they do, and where they live. When the account manager Robin Marwick posted an open call for hosts, I thought why not and decided to give it a try.

The #TecEoE chat

I had never hosted a Twitter chat before, but I’m always open to learning and trying something new as it relates to my profession. The time was right. I’d had a long, successful career as a professional editor, specializing in technical, business, and marketing editing. And, this was an opportunity for me to give back and teach others as so many mentors had taught me.

The host role entailed curating topics for the week, loading up Tweetdeck with regular tweets, and engaging the audience in discussions, polls, and replies. In preparation for the week, I narrowed the focus of my tweets to my experience in these areas:

  • Working for a large corporation
  • Editing English as a second language (ESL) documents
  • The evolving role of the technical editor
  • Joining professional editing associations
  • Spinning editing skills into other roles when job availability is slim
  • Becoming a freelance editor

Plus, to keep things interesting I included relevant tweets regarding language, writing, books, culture, and even daily world music selections.

Chat transcript

The following link takes you to a transcript of the key discussion points and references in the chat in order from the first day to the last day of my week of hosting.

You can find the complete chat on Twitter by searching for the tag #TecEoE, and click Latest. When you view the chat using this method, you see the most recent tweets to the oldest tweets in the chat.

Get involved

I invite you to keep the #TecEoE conversation going by including it in related technical editing related tweets. If you are a professional editor, edit as part of your day job, or are just starting as an editor, follow @EdsofEarth. You can also follow or tag me in any of your tweets at @jservais90.

Become an @EdsofEarth host

Editors of Earth is always looking for new hosts. You can learn more about hosting on the Editors of Earth website. To sign up, complete the Google form here.


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