As a relatively new architect, I jumped at the opportunity to attend the recent O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference in San Jose, California, and was eager to absorb as much as I could.

Before I became an architect, I thought the role was mainly about designing systems, and evaluating and selecting the technologies it takes to bring them to life. I didn’t fully appreciate the importance of effectively explaining these designs and technology selections to others. As such, I chose to focus on soft skills during this conference with the goal of improving my design and communication skills. …

MQTT is the de-facto messaging protocol in the IoT world. When it comes to authenticating and identifying thousands of devices, you may see mention of client certificate authentication, but very little on how to actually achieve this. Although managing certificates, revocation lists, and everything that comes with being a certificate authority are complicated, getting started with client certificate authentication is not.

In this article, we will be performing all the steps necessary to begin creating a Node.js MQTT application authenticating via client certificates. There are three basic things we will be doing:

  1. Creating a certificate authority (CA) and a client…

In Solace PubSub+ Cloud, we began storing metrics early on in anticipation for accounting and billing. The problem was that we weren’t quite sure which metrics would be used nor what sort of queries would be needed to support our accounting and billing needs.

We chose Elasticsearch for storage as we trusted its powerful search capabilities and scalability. However, one aspect that we grossly undervalued was its fantastic Java API. Although it is generally a facade for Elasticsearch’s REST API, a particularly clever feature has been helping us build our metrics microservice with great velocity and flexibility without compromising robustness.

Julian Setiawan

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