Product management is an organisational life-cycle function within a company dealing with the planning, forecasting, and production, or marketing of a product or products at all stages of the product life-cycle….

10/10 internship with a 10/10 work space

Those three lines would be the opener to the most impactful summer of my professional career as a PM for the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. Over 4 months in 2019, I was given the opportunity to work at LCBO|next, taking on the challenge of working as a product manager for the first time in my career. …

Sears Canada: a Case Study

In our world today companies are attracted to the concept of UX and user centered design like flies are to honey. As explained in my previous article user experience in the present is a giant in the technical and corporate world. Not a trend nor a fad the once fringe idea of creating not just for aesthetic but with a focus on usability for every user has permeated directly into the mainstream.

Over the summer I had the opportunity and the privilege to intern as a front-end developer at Initium Commerce lab in Toronto. A…

A guide to what your designers are actually saying.

Disruption. Innovation. Change. These words today invoke feelings everywhere from inspiration to perspiration, they are the buzzwords of the present and the building blocks of the future. Yet at the core of these concepts lies a movement that’s been gaining traction in recent times, a movement that highlights a shift in the centenarian views of old development, that challenges the corporate walls of old and in place bring a new perspective to the technical industry; and that movement is a single two letter word. UX.

<Us·er Ex·pe·ri·ence>


Digital Technology. the perception and…

Justin Seto

Life is short. So am I 🤷‍♂️

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