It’s funny to me how quickly people can realize that they’re not a Kobe or Beyonce, but for some reason, they’re able to convince themselves they’re an entrepreneur and can build a million-dollar business.
Reframing the Narrative on Entrepreneurship
Gary Vaynerchuk

Based on the statistics, I believe that a lot of these “super founders” work very hard but also get VERY lucky. This is very much like Beyoncé. After all there are MANY singers out there who’ve never made a dime.

I, however, don’t think this is the case with someone like Kobe who have some kind of a singular talent the world needs. These types of folks really are anomalies — though luck still plays a big part of their success.

The thing with entrepreneurship is that there is a whole spectrum of possible wins out there between a Lemonade stand and Facebook. People may never be Zuck level (or GaryV level) but you can design your life around your business in a way that you couldn’t with a 9 to 5.

eg. My daughter was born in November and I’ve been able to spend my morning with her for the last few months. This is not something a lot of other people can do and is one of the awesome parts of being an entrepreneur — though there are plenty of non awesome parts.

Founders need to think more about the the spectrum of possible wins when it comes to their businesses and realize the importance of designing the life they want around their business as opposed to “trying to be like Zuck”.