Standard Oil refinery in 1911 in Richmond, Calif

Have Things Really Changed?

We are still victims of our own ignorance

“Nobody does anything if he can get anybody else to do it” -John Rockefeller

Machines of Rockefeller’s era gave humanity an edge over nature. His machines could dig faster, lift more, or transport further. For the most part, however, the machines still needed a human at the controls. This means that for Rockefeller, humanity was the main limitations on what was possible.

Have things really changed?

Chevron Refinery Today In El Segundo

It certainly seems like it. Our machines no longer need us at the controls all of the time. They can teach us, go to combat, and explore the depths of space by executing preprogrammed instructions.

In Rockefeller’s time we struggled to understand how we could combine elements of the physical world to increase production. Now we struggle with understanding how we can apply algorithms to solve many of the same problems.

So things really haven’t change at all. At one time we struggled with the physical world and now we struggle with an intellectual one as well.

We are still victims of our own ignorance.