I’m not suggesting that every chatbot should restrict itself to a narrow domain, though I think it’s not a bad idea.
The Uncanny Valley of Chatbots
Daniel Tunkelang

It’s hard for a user to fathom all of the ways to use a wide open interface without examples. Even when provided with examples, the gulf between an example and applying the resource in reality is a very big one for folks.

This is the same reason why engineering, management, and leadership is so hard. It takes training to know how to direct resources to accomplish something.

Most people don’t have this training.

We’ve found, that usage and adoption of Vesper shot through the roof when we narrowed messaging to a couple of small related use cases.

Our thesis is that its easier for users to consume something that they can compartmentalize. So the most critical thing is to compartmentalize the product for them from the get go.