RAP against racism v3.0 (Chojin)


The rush of being here all united, is lost a bit when you think about the reason, all different with their vibe and style, but it’s hip-hop and you have to make it very clear.
Have you ever stopped to talk to yourself? life can be a different color if you talk about racism I am not here to give a speech on human rights nor am I here to tell you about Romans it is lucidity compared to the stupidity that exists I wonder where the joke begins and ends good flashy to the seller street vendor who is another hard worker with a family and a future ahead of him.
Each one is unique of its kind, there is no reason or reason to despise it, it is fear and equality and to ignore what is different, then, an absurd permanent social class separates us, maximum hatred for the minimum reason, there is no color, there is no comparison, only another episode where the most intolerant is fasism that is not cured even by reading and neither is racism traveling.
No matter how many songs we do, no matter how much we manifest ourselves, for many victims who suffer, do not fall along the ground, we do not become aware and that is how it goes and in article number one written, we are born free, equal in rights and dignity. Let’s see, why is it difficult to carry it out off paper?

Tall-ugly-handsome-black-white Who cares? 100 years from now everyone’s bald under the ground.
Haven’t you ever tried meeting a foreigner?
Look at the children, they know what this game is about, and it is that the human race is a melting pot
Whoever cannot see the beauty in this does not deserve to see the sun. I pass the baton to my partner, for this new world, the triumph of love against fear.
When the racist beast feels rage and bites when the phobia spreads and boils accusing you of not being the same, when the global world looking for food in another land makes you illegal, when the foreign law catches you for no reason and hypocrisy covers its eyes and their ears, racism and marginalization when they only see the skin and forget to look at the heart.
No one asks you to save the world from its color we all lost faith in a better future, this life is cruel and so rogue that I understand it sometimes being honest is like pissing against the wind but don’t look at the color of my skin if really what you want to know the color of my bills, earthquakes, hurricanes, war, hunger, racism is in the pockets of men.
Breathe all this breeze
Put yourself in the other’s skin to see how long your smile lasts
Show respect to the unequal by sex, ideology or culture
So that affection and sensitivity surround the structure
Because with intellect you show deficit in brain and heart
Today I share my voice and my love against unreason and pain
And the lack of intelligence and communication.
You’re not racist, you’re stupid
Because of ignorant parents you are docile
Countries have not existed for many years
The border is in the skin of each one
And all our grandchildren will be gray
How do you want me to remember you as the one who said that
He hated blacks but he hid in case they bite
Coward without attitude, if one day you face your demons
You will see that they are white like you.
Why the hell do you look at him with that face
If then you are the first to buy pirated DVDs
Little by the friendship of the races, difficult in this fucking world
rat intolerant
No human being can be illegal
What is illegal is that a human being does not have dignity
I support the black, the Chinese, the Arab even the Martian
For my part, welcome to my Roman land.

Getting over thirty
I wrote the children’s
This one goes for the dad
That throws insults on a Sunday at the bar
When the black you idolize can’t score
The game is lost when entering
The side effect is that your child is a social problem
The future is that your daughter demands money for the cinema
And leave with the son of the one who sold you clinex.
diffuse reality doing chores
Did you see who I am? tell me who you are
Charging in papers denying the pleasures
Of men and women, heroes of such a challenge
To fight for such a challenge, to fight for his own love
So that their children do not grow up empty
New generation with principles
Giving a good education without prejudice.
When the pain covers the chest
A heart endures what they throw at it
But depending on the facts
I fight for something better, for rights
And the words are carried away by the wind
Are? no, between oceans there is a reason
that drags tears when saying bros
I only look at the person
Or you judge yourself before judging anyone else.
No, it is not the skin tone that matters
It’s the tone with which you express yourself, racists complain
The foreigner takes hours away from the company
More hours take away the console and it’s Japanese
Pay attention fight for freedom
It’s more than just hating the oppressor
I ask for understanding because the bread is broken with the hands
But it is shared with the heart.
On the one hand, I am sorry that this is necessary.
On the other hand, I am glad to hear my colleagues
I can’t think of a more silly or more logical or more obvious or more serious message
The problem comes when they don’t see the problem
And the problem remains when they deny it
I guess I didn’t even need to say it
It’s clear to you, isn’t it? rap is against racism.




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