Dear Singapore, I’m coming for you.

If Trump wins, I’m out. You can try and prepare, you can correlate and plan, you can even optimize the forecast; but enough people/startups will want to get the f@ck out of a nation capable of electing him, that your coffers will grow. To be honest, I’ve heard it’s a mixed bag. ‘The safest place on Earth’, ‘very committed to attracting entrepreneurs’, unquestionably ‘a favorable startup market to base your business in Asia’; balanced with: ‘where’s the flava?’, ‘is this real?’, and ‘spend your weekends in Malaysia’. But you know what? I’m ok with that. I’ll make you a promise: you provide me a safe place/school for my daughter, I’ll make sure they’re talking about you by tomorrow. Deal? Let me know. I’m calling this potential migration Singaport•ation.

Singaport me in.

And in the #Singaport scenario, you win. It may even be something you could prioritize by collecting data from your ever-growing (it feels like) team here in Silicon Valley. THIS is your moment, your opportunity. America’s potential loss, your gain. Act accordingly. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for (even expect) Trump’s defeat/dismissal, but IF he wins, you’re in a distinct position to use it to your advantage. And honestly, long-term you should not want Trump as president, but given he’s made it this far, there are clearly some insanely foolish people who wish to see it happen (for us to see our great nation lessened, humiliated, reduced to such a place).

So … act like it’s a distinct possibility because it is. And hopefully, even when Hillary wins, you’ll find yourself with a new ‘class’ of expats leading by example for you via the the work they devote to their respective projects/companies. Talk about the dedicated optimist, if I can turn what is literally one of the greatest threats to our world (Trump’s candidacy) into something with at least the thread of a sterling lining, I think my North Star is at least still functioning. And who knows, maybe it will take me East.