#OpenLetter True to Marc.B


Dear Marc.B,

Happy Discovery Day.

I would like to thank you for Dreamforce yet again, it gives me hope. [It might be overwhelming at times, but hope nonetheless.] You are fighting the good fight. I can certainly see it, as can many, but there is such an enormous wave of animosity against tech because of the disproportionate gains globalization has bestowed. There’s a LONG way to go in fulfilling the internet’s promise of the great equalizer, but we will get there one way or another. I see that as my gen[X]eration’s responsibility. We are well beyond digital migrants at this point, but we grew up without the web. We can remember what it was like prior. Who better from an anthropological sense to bridge the old and new? That however is a topic for another time …

More pressing for closer to now, if/when Ellison and his team come knocking, PLEASE continue to say ‘No’. When they begin to bang on the door, shout, intimidate … PRESSURE, please say ‘No’. What you’ve built dies if that happens, and you know it better than anyone. Do not succumb to the ‘financial sense’ of it. Their [Closed]World tag line this year of the ‘fastest growing cloud company’ made me both laugh and angry. They control and own a big piece of tech ground, DO NOT give them keys to the skies. Despite his toy planes and boats, Ellison’s legacy speaks and will continue to speak for itself. You’re better than that. Oracle does the bare minimum to continue to do well, Salesforce is trying to do the most it can to make the world a better place AND deliver on its fiscal responsibilities. There’s no comparison.

In Adam.S and Bret.T I see hope too. Adam has done such a great job, with Trailhead, developers, now Lightning, and a great many things. And regarding Mr. Taylor: #EmpowerBret. Unless there’s a decision that unknowingly strikes at the fabric of the -Force, trust him, and even then give it thought. Understand where he’s coming from, he could go very far. I think many are really glad you found a place for Quip. LinkedIn may have been a disappointment, but MSFT is just doing what they do, and I believe they’ll end up opening up the data more anyway (yes, you read that right). I hear it may also be in my best interest to seek out Mr. Mark G. ‘Well alright, alright, alright’ … let’s keep the investments rolling. There’s a big economy to fuel and a great many dreams to create.

Strange financial times we’re in, and the smart money is on them getting even stranger. A PE path for Marketo? Dell gone private to acquire a heavily VM leveraged EMC? And DO NOT get me started on Pivotal and Cloud FoundDry. While we’re on the topic of PaaS, please don’t let Heroku die the death of a billion papercuts. IT and they deserve better. It’s a helluva platform. Any chance you could get Lindenbaum to come back and join forces with Bret.T? How about this: have the two of them propose something to Andy.B till he claims ‘genius’. My Sun beginnings bias, but [higherpower] knows we need more healthy brilliance jump-started at the $10M+ level, not less. Let’s fast-track for the better of our industry. Why? As Elon says, ‘there is only one’. I’m pro-GOOG and even I’m getting a bit uncomfortable with their position. Once we start seeing the Seattle mafia (AWS and Azure) team up to exclude googlecloud, then you know there’s reason to be concerned, but why wait till then? Plus, you can’t really blame Google, they placed some bets, they built a vision, and now a large and growing piece of the web is theirs, from start to finish.

for everyone

Back to thanks. Thank you for the hospital, and all the giving and decency you fund. Thank you for pushing back in Indiana and my home state of NC [come November, Tarheels stand the ƒ√ç≤ up for what’s right!]. And speaking of election day, thanks for all you’re doing to ensure Trump-the-Chump gets what’s coming to him. What I wouldn’t give to see you put that schmuck in his place in a boardroom setting. What a joke, yet it’s not. These are the times we live in. It’s real, and it takes a courageous leadership to NOT simply squeeze out a few extra pennies per share. Thank you for that too. I wish you and yours the very best, and on the happiness front, I think you’re just getting started.



(postscript — I would like to work with Congressman John Lewis to “make IT simple”. To get right in the way and in good trouble is where I feel at home. I just need to find a constructive vehicle in which to frame such work. To frame it, and then MAKE it happen. In Congressman Lewis there is still so much. He is getting later in years, but the job is not yet done. I would like to help him. He∫∫, I even still have my 202, damn we∫∫ not afraid to use it again. As long as residence remains in the 415. :)

get in the way and good trouble