Quibbles with the Quitter’s

The 7:38 bus had pulled into 24th street and kids in their mandatory public school blues dashed towards it with, “can’t be late,” faces. Perhaps the term is a first for you, I’m sure you’re trained to spot the look - Sad eyes narrowed, a mouth vacuuming air as well as hands gliding in a sprinters fashion. A person chasing a city bus is the truest form of perseverance.

As five pimple-ridden students ran passed, I encountered an overweight teen. Black hoodie draped to conceal his dress code. Beside him was a girl I could only assume to be his sister. Despite flaunting her attire of white shirt and long skirt, the child paced with a crumpled mouth and eyes that screamed, “if only.”

With the evidence of a stoner’s assumption, her older brother had held her back from running to the bus. Perhaps out of fear that they wouldn’t reach it. Prior events may have added in his lack of effort. Despite the reasoning being either A) or B), he objected from trying because it wasn’t a sure thing. Pity. Clear to be the modern ways of Americans.