Pearls on Your Wedding Cake

Not All Wedding Pearls Are to Be Worn

I love pearl wedding jewellery. It’s elegant. It’s gorgeous. And I love that you can do more with pearls at your wedding than wear them. You can eat them too. Okay, not real pearls… but you can use pearl designs on your wedding cake for a classic and memorable cake that has traditional white icing with an extra helping of beauty.

Wedding cakes are getting out of control these days. I’ve seen photos of wedding cakes that had everything from hunting and monster trucks to eye-blistering bright colours in the decoration. I don’t want rain on anyone’s parade. If safety orange monster trucks are your thing, by all means put two of them atop your cake. And I really do like some of the colourful, whimsical ones I’ve seen. But for my own, I’d go with a pearl design. I don’t mean any random pearl design. I want my wedding cake to feature a pearl necklace winding down the layers that replicates the one I will be wearing.

You can do this no matter what style wedding pearls you plan to wear — as long as you can find a skilled cake decorator who wants to create your dream cake instead of sell you on what he or she prefers. Few wedding cake specialists would try to talk you out of a pearl theme, however, regardless of whether you chose a single or double strand. Personally, I’d stick with traditional, round, white pearls for me and my cake. I’d also include white fondant roses and perhaps some fondant lavender so it would match my dream bouquet.

A design of pearls trailing down the cake is not the only option. I’ve seen wonderful wedding cakes with the edges of every layer trimmed with fondant icing pearls. Another very elegant look for your cake is to have fondant icing pearls around the side of each layer like a garland. Just as with pearl wedding jewellery, you can go for classic elegance or make more of a splash. I’ve some incredible cakes with fondant icing pearls in all sorts of designs from loose pearls that look like they are flowing from the top layer down all of the layers to cakes that look as if they are completely encrusted with pearls of all sizes. If you can imagine it (and find a decent photo of it to show your baker), you can have it served at your wedding.

Aside from gold rings, nothing says elegant wedding style as much as pearls do. They are so beloved for weddings that you can find images of pretty much every item you could want for your wedding adorned with images of pearls. Of course, your cake is a big deal — literally and figuratively. Cutting the wedding cake is a photo op and a big moment at your reception, so this is a pretty important cake. I want mine to look and taste amazing. It should stop just shy of overshadowing me!

Courtesy of Jacqueline Shaw Pearl Boutique

Twitter: @JShawPearls

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