Jay Shetty shares the answers to all your questions.

The 11 Questions Everyone is Asking

Question #1: Why do I never feel good enough, no matter what I do?

Question #2: How do you deal with a family that hurts you and says mean things about you?

Question #3: How do you get closure when ghosted?

Question #4: If a person keeps breaking up with you every time they are angry, should you forgive them and take them back?

Question #5: What is the best way for me to move forward in my life and not be immobilized by the fear of loneliness and feeling unloved?

Question #6: How can I find a purpose, get out of my comfort zone, and get over fear to try new things?

Question 7: How do I deal with the pain of losing a loved one?

Question #8: What is the number one thing to keep people growing and on the right track?

Question #9: What is your advice for people struggling with depression and stress?

Question #10: Who has impacted and inspired Jay Shetty the most?

Question #11: Why do people choose sides when getting a divorce?

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