This Is Your Life in Silicon Valley
Sunil Rajaraman

I just read this after it popped up in my LinkedIn feed. It's 12 AM on Friday morning. I've technically been on vacation since this morning, but as an "Enterprise Sales Rep" trying to sell to an F100 company through on opportunity that came up through a global systems integrator, have a NDA that our outsourced legal dept finally provided comments on 2 hours ago. (I sent the agreement to them weeks ago, but got an out of office I'm on vacation note two weeks ago).

My support team apparently didn't get the memo that I'm on vacation, and so now I'm frantically responding to Intercom tickets. My girlfriend is super pissed, since we're on vacation, and is trying to ask me a question about a wedding we need to go to in October, but I'm still reading through legal comments.

All done with Intercom and now I can finally enjoy my vacation! Just have 1 or two follow up calls to make tomorrow morning.

So I'm all done w/ work and click on your article via LinkedIn. My girlfriend asks me why I'm giggling like a madman, so I read some choice bits from your article.

Everything I wrote above jibes so well with what you wrote — unfortunately, everything I wrote isn't satire — it went down just the way I wrote it.

But then I remember the last time I was on 280, and have to agree. We live in paradise :)

Thanks so much for the article Sunil. I found it wonderfully cathartic. Now, off to 10 days off the grid enjoying vacation! After I finish up those calls in the morning…

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