Blockchain Loyalty Points for your Web store front! An OST Kit Alpha III Proof-of-Concept

Greetings Blockchain enthusiasts!!! Shinto2000 here, and I am excited to also be a ‘Marketing & Social Media contributor’ for another Simple Token POC project called OST Loyalty Points Plugin. This is our Week #1 update so be sure to follow us for more updates next week. If you are also interested in signing up for a Simple Token POC, please be sure to follow OST on Twitter and visit for any inquiries about the ERC20 token.

For this Proof of Concept we are creating a Loyalty Points Plugin for the ecommerce/storefront platform Saleor. We needed a platform to create an ecommerce storefront, but one that provides us deep integration possibilities w/OST Kit APIs. We have chosen Saleor for its modern architecture and flexibility.

Here’s a list of goals for our Proof of Concept:

1. Launch an E-commerce store on the Saleor platform to integrate with OST Kit APIs.

2. Reward customers Loyalty Points (PTS tokens) for a percentage of every purchase on our website.

3. Allow loyal customers to redeem PTS tokens towards any purchase. (PTS have a flat $1 USD value).

Progress — Our current progress is that this week a new team of 3 was formed based on their strengths and experiences. I bring my marketing and love for leveraging social media. Aaron is our lead backend developer for this project. Adam is our frontend and video editing specialist. Not only has our team been formed, we have also designed an idea and selected the technologies to build on.

Issues — None at this time

Next Steps — Our next steps are to 1) launch a functioning storefront of items for sale. 2) begin work on integrating the loyalty point reward system for every purchase.

Real Life application. This POC applies very much in our lives today. When you use a credit card, you get ‘points’ credited in that you can choose to spend later or redeem for cash. Many brick and mortar retailors, also provide some sort of reward points for repeat shoppers. If you live in the US, Kohls used to provide KOHLs BUCKS old school style that you can spend as cash for future KOHLs store visits. Fast food and Restaurants also benefit from repeat customers who earn and come back for repeat business. These are the immediate use cases, however further applications can involve AI, targeted marketing or better services for frequent loyalty point customers.

Let us know if you have any questions. We will be sure to keep you informed as we progress throughout the project.

Thank you!

OST Loyalty PTS plugin team

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