We are so excited for Simple Token OSTa3!

Hello everyone! I am John and Adam is our wizard programmer. Together, we make up the team of the Proof of Concept — Read It Program!! From here on out, we will be blogging weekly to share with you our journey, and hope that you the reader will be inspired to create something where technology can benefit our daily lives.

I will say that in OST Alpha 2 was an amazing journey that had its ups and downs but we are glad to have completed it and am thankful for Simple Token for allowing us to participate. Now, we are just as grateful that we have the opportunity to continue our vision (OST Alpha 3) to build something that we believe will benefit the education of our children.

Progress — We are still in the designing phase of how best we can integrate the new OST wallet and ledger features into the platform we are using WIX.com. From Alpha2, it was clear we needed a user database, a way to authenticate logins, and hooks into the B00K blockchain so that each user would only be able to view their own wallet token balance.

Issues — So far none at this time. Throughout the POC’s, any issue that we’ve had we’ve created support email tickets and have received nothing but professional & immediate responses.

Next Steps — Our goal, is to complete the functionality goals & design that is achievable on the WIX platform (we’re limited in that they only allow javascript). John will begin working on the website functionality while Adam will work on the javascript/ost API code integration.

Simple Token @ostdotcom — https://twitter.com/OSTdotcom

If anyone else is interested in also participating in this Alpha Phase3 POC, please feel free to view their tweets for the signup process. Thank you everyone for your time. Will let you know our progress next week!