So you want to be an AI Innovator? Do you know where to apply AI within your domain? How can you tell what is the right approach?

Seeing groups of participants grow their ideas organically, balance and rebalance their approach was the highlight for us at the workshop we held…

You want to run a remote Design Workshop with loads of participants online? No problem, with the right agenda and tools!

a magnifying glass, search, a web thing, tools to help us work remotely

The current situation forces us to work from home, and adapt the way we work. Yes, in-person workshops are easier and more productive. Nothing beats a collaborative whiteboarding session or paper prototyping to express and discuss some ideas. But hey, let’s see how we can move the best bits online!

FutureFest 2018

Who owns infrastructure, data and access to technology and therefore opportunity? How to create an equal future, nurture diversity and enable ownership — rather than consumerism?

Celebrating the future at Nesta’s FutureFest in steaming hot Tobacco Dock in East London for two days in July challenged our status quo and…

UX Crunch’s first conference in London

Earlier this year UX Crunch ran its first conference UX.Live in London. On offer were a selection of workshops and talks around User Experience, Service Design and System Thinking. This article summarises some thoughts on corporate innovation, business origami and internal collaboration.

Corporate Innovation

Kicking off the conference Alberta Soranzo (Systems Thinking…

Johannes Schleith

UX Research & Design at #trlabs London, w/ brilliant data science & vis team. curious about UX, IA & design thinking. Posts solely reflect my personal opinion.

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