JS Group

JS Group of companies working with a common vision of creating real estate projects that showcase state-of-the-art infrastructure. By keeping its fingers on the pulse of the people and being innovative has helped the company to preserve its pre-eminence in the real estate field in South India. The company was founded in 2010 by Mr. SVS Sudheer Babu and Mr. G Prashant Raju. Mr. SVS Sudheer Babu has helped ensure smooth and seamless transitions amidst the various companies and allowed them to perform well as a collective group.Mr. G Prashant Raju serves as a key member of the company. He brings in the right kind of expertise to address any situation in addition to providing valuable insight across various stages of a project. Each company under the group has carved a niche for themselves in their respective field of specialisation. The group takes pride in inspiring trust through its highly ethical work practices and its unwavering commitment, thus combining total transparency with the assurance of quality.

Quality is a core value of JS Homes. Quality is managed carefully and efficiently at every step with oversight from skilled managers, supervisors, contractors and various heads of departments. The Group remains dedicated to uphold quality across all aspects with continuous innovation, advanced research and versatile management. JS Group achieves quality through updating of standards and procedures regularly. Always use latest technology for projects. JS Homes is committed to adopt safe measures by adhering to the principles and practices of its EHS policy. We value the safety of workers & customers and are dedicated to protecting the environment with regular reviews, internal expertise and external consultation. The Group not only practice and promote resourceful energy utilization management but also use environment friendly materials and promote recycling. We educate employees and contractors on EHS practices.