A clever way to ask a girl out

This is a general trick that anyone can use anywhere. But the execution matters a lot in the final outcome.

I was roaming around in Delhi and my train was at 6.30 in the evening. So I had about four hours to kill.

I decided to challenge myself.

So I was roaming around in delhi university campus and there she was seating on the bench , one of the most gorgeous white brunette I had ever seen. There is no way I would ask her out on a regular day.

But I had nothing to lose.

So I went up to her and asked ,” Is there some place to eat around here ?”.

She looked at me and started giving me direction.

We were standing in front of a girl’s hostel and I jokingly said if I might be allowed to eat there.

(Now at this moment it was important to make her comfortable, so a joke!!)

Then after 4–5 minutes of pretending to be confused, I smiled and said , “Can you show it to me ?”

( I was smiling with a puppy innocent face.It’s important that she thinks you are innocent.)

She agreed to show me the way till the university gate.

(Now I have about 5 minutes till we reach the gate, So the next thing to do is make her feel comfortable and safe around you. In short, she should believe you are a regular dude and not some rapist stranger or something. )

Then I started asking about her and telling her about myself. Making her comfortable. I realized the BITS tag really helps in such situations. People usually feel comfortable around you if they have heard about your college.

Then after cracking few jokes and trying to make her feel safe and comfortable, I went for the blow and said, “ Did you have your lunch ?”

She said,” No, I just woke up a few hours ago .“

Then I laughed and said , “Why don’t you join me then ?”

She started giving weak innocent excuses trying to say no.

Now you need to understand chances are at this point that she can’t say yes directly even if she wants to. So you need to persist a little and make the situation look like she was unwilling but then gave up and said yes. Now if you persist and it still doesn’t work then be cool about it. This is an important bit to understand.

I got my date and had a great time.

There you have it. A smooth player style way to ask a girl out. It’s a neat trick that I came up with on the spot

Now I understand a lot has to go right for the above . A lot of elements need to be executed properly. The jokes , making yourself familiar in some way ( I used my college name to make myself seem harmless) and then the timing of the actual ask. But hey, that’s where all the rush and excitement is, isn’t?

Thanks for reading. I try my best to provide free value somewhere else too.. :)